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Privacy Policy

Bookkeeping City is a privately owned business registered in Australia (ABN: 20 960 369 659) and trades in bookkeeping services. Sometimes we need to collect personal information from our customers so we can:

Set up and administer the business accounts for the customer;
Determine a customer’s bookkeeping requirements and provide the appropriate product or service;
Assess our customer’s business needs;
Improve our bookkeeping services.

Without this information, we cannot provide the product or service. Protecting the privacy of our customers is a key part of our normal operations. We do not disclose personal information to any outside third party organisation, unless it is approved by the client to provide administrative services or activities on our behalf. In this case, we make sure that the third party is bound by the same privacy rules we follow.

Sometimes, Bookkeeping City might use personal information to make product related material on a range of products and services available to our customers. A customer may elect not to receive product related material or change their mind at any time about receiving product related material by calling +61 3 9988 0077.

A customer may:

Access the personal information that we hold about them;
Get more information from Bookkeeping City;

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